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What Gets Your Home Sold: Photography

Good Photography

The Tools to What Gets Your Home Sold Quickly and at the Price You Want

Sellers, It is time to list your home….Now what? What gets your home sold?  First and foremost hire an agent that has the expertise to sell a home in any market.  This agent has 10+ years and has been through the ups & downs of a volatile real estate market.  Next, check the reviews of the agent, are they respected in the community, do they have listings in many areas, and what is the quality of their work.  This leads me to getting Your home sold.

Of course, I will be talking as Your Expert Agent with 20+ years experience, good reputation and quality work!  To get your home sold quick and at/close to the price you want you need to price it correctly.  The idea to “price higher and then we can work our way down,” is not always the way to go.   It’s a myth.  Or pricing too low can “scare” buyers away- “What is wrong with the home.” A good agent, Me, will do a search of comparable homes in the area.  And if you have a unique home or neighborhood with little turnover then there may be more steps for Me to come up with a price.  But, once I come up with a price, it is a number that I feel, as the expert, is the price point that works to get the home sold.  But, wait, that is not all…..What gets your home sold?  Photos, Videos, Marketing everywhere.   Seriously, Photos are key.  It is very important to have good, quality photos taken for your home.  A LOT OF PHOTOS!  We want tot showcase all the things a Buyer is looking for, and not showcase what may hurt your sell (old fences, old roof, etc).  In a perfect world, you would update the whole home completely and everything is perfect.  That is not reality.  Money may be limited, time may be limited, or resources may be limited.  So, my job is to help you get the home “show ready” for the photos.  Most buyers are doing their home searches on line.  Some Investors will buy the home, based off photos and videos online, without evening seeing the home in person.   Videos of the home are important as well.  It may be a drone aerial still shot or a video entering the property showcasing the views, but they are important.  An agent, like Me, is here to showcase your home and make it stand out above the competition.  As the expert, I can guide you on how to de-clutter your home, how to add “pops of color,” and what needs to be hauled away.  Or, hiring a professional stager is necessary- sometimes just moving your own items around can be enough.

What gets your home sold??  A really good agent, Mandy Corriea 🙂

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