Buyers Before You Go Home Shopping, Get That Mortgage Pre Approval Before You Go Home Shopping, Get That Mortgage Pre Approval You’re excited about purchasing a home and you know exactly all of the qualities you look for in it. However, you should hit the brakes and obtain a mortgage pre approval letter. This letter is a statement from your lender stating how much money you’re […]
Buyers What It Takes To Obtain A Mortgage Approval What It Takes To Obtain A Mortgage Approval The mortgage approval process varies from state to state, and in most cases, it can be an overwhelming journey. That’s why whether you are buying your home for the first time or if you are a seasoned industry player, you need an experienced real estate expert by […]
Buyers Will the Housing Market Maintain Its Momentum? Will the Housing Market Maintain Its Momentum? Last week’s Existing Home Sales Report from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) shows sales have dropped by 3.7% compared to the month before. This is the second consecutive month that sales have slumped. Some see this as evidence that the red-hot real estate market may be cooling. However, there could also […]
Buyers First Time Home Buyers Loan Options and Credit Score Loan Options for First Time Home Buyers & Credit Scores! No/Low Down Payment Options for Home Buyers What Loan?? What is my credit score?? Buying a home for the first time can be stressful and nervous.  So many moving parts.  The best advice is to hook up with a Realtor you trust and a Lender […]
Uncategorized Buying Your First Home Buying Your First House: Tips For Buyers Be prepared, especially in a Sellers Market.  The article shares the tips for Buyers on Buying your first home. Follow the link to my site for Buying & Selling Tips as well.  The amount of resources available with the “right” agent is substantial.  Your agent will prepare you […]
Buyers VA Home Loans and the benefits VA Home Loans and the Benefits for Veterans, Active Duty and/or Surviving Spouse Benefits to VA home loans:  Low Rates, No Down Payment Required, No Private Mortgage Insurance, Assumable…… Pre-approval Application US Dept of Veteran Affairs
Buyers How To Prepare for a Bidding War Preparing for a Bidding War in Today’s Market So, how to prepare for a bidding war when making an offer on a new home??  Today’s market can be tough, especially with low inventory.  In Sonoma County we have the, unfortunate, change of events impact the real estate market as well as the work force numbers.  […]
Real Estate What Gets Your Home Sold: Photography The Tools to What Gets Your Home Sold Quickly and at the Price You Want Sellers, It is time to list your home….Now what? What gets your home sold?  First and foremost hire an agent that has the expertise to sell a home in any market.  This agent has 10+ years and has been through […]
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Buyers Home Staging on a Budget, The 5 Golden Rules It is important to take the time to stage your home before putting it on the market, even if its just the 5 Golden Rules. Home staging can be pricey depending on how large your home is and if you need to remove all items from the home. Home staging can be done on a […]
Buyers Fixer Upper Money Pit is it for you? Fixer Upper Money Pit Cosmetic or Bones?  Fixer Upper can mean different things for many: Want a fixer upper?  I meet clients, often, looking to buy and “flip” or want a deal on a Fixer Upper.  Looking for the deal of the year.  I am not against this but it does take a level of […]
Buyers Should I sell my home in the Winter or wait until Spring? Sell now???  The infamous question. I get this question everyday: Should I sell my house in the Winter  wait until Spring? My answer is always different.  Are you selling and buying a replacement home?  Are you selling for hardship purposes.  Are you selling for convenience of a new marriage or out of necessity like a […]
Buyers Windsor Market? What is happening with the Windsor Real Estate Market? Windsor….how does it hold up to the other cities it borders? Our market has been very interesting, especially with the late winter we had.  I put a listing on at the beginning of the year and got some real good action, but it all came to […]
Buyers Out Dated Advice Home Buying & Selling Thank you for the advice but I need to talk to the Professional: Outdated Advice may be given to you by family and friends.  Let me give you advice with today’s market trends.  Outdated Advice for Home Buying & Selling You are ready to buy or sell your first home and your friends and family, […]
Buyers Remodeling Return on Investment (ROI) Not all Home Improvements are Created Equal This list I agree with, but I would add an updated kitchen and bathrooms really seal the deal.  One thing I recommend is having the work done by a professional, or in a professional manner.  Buyers and their inspectors can see through any fluff.  Don’t put lipstick on […]
Buyers What cost are involved in Purchasing a home?? I would combine the Survey Fee and Application fee and round up to about $900 for admin/lender fee. There could be added costs if you choose to impound your taxes & insurance. Lenders require a few months of each to set that account up. I say budget about $8,000-$10,000 in closing costs depending on price […]
First Time Home Buyers How to get your Real Estate Agent to love you! 8 Ways to get your Agent to love you! With love from your agent  I love my clients….all of them.  And, I like to think my communication with them is very clear.  Expectations are set from the first meeting.  However, we are all not perfect.  Buying or Selling your home means you work with an […]
First Time Home Buyers Tips for Wine Tasting in Sonoma County…a place you will want to relocate or Buy a vacation home Wine is my 2nd passion, Real Estate is my 1st: Came across this great, fun article for tips on wine tasting.  One thing I am very passionate about, next to Real Estate, is wine!  How can you not love it when we are surrounded by the beauty it has to offer.  Most of us are […]
First Time Home Buyers Home Burglary generally has a pattern Avoid being a victim of a home burglary: Be smart when you are away on vacation.  We all want to post where we are and show our fun pictures on social media.  My advice is go ahead and do it, IF you have someone staying at your home watching over it.  BUT, if you do […]
First Time Home Buyers Amenities that are non-negotiable This graph is pretty accurate, no matter where you are living.  What I can tell you is that the list of non-negotiable usually starts out with about 20 items that is a “must have.”  As the search goes on I do see the list to shrink.  But, the common denominator seems to always include this […]
Uncategorized Don’t go solo when Buying or Selling a home It may seem that the cost to hire a Real Estate professional is high, but the cost to not is higher.  The amount of disclosures and negotiating skill that goes into executing a contract is lengthy.  There are so many loop holes for a Buyer/Seller to sue you, me, everyone.   Also, the home condition can […]