Uncategorized Buying Your First Home Buying Your First House: Tips For Buyers Be prepared, especially in a Sellers Market.  The article shares the tips for Buyers on Buying your first home. Follow the link to my site for Buying & Selling Tips as well.  The amount of resources available with the “right” agent is substantial.  Your agent will prepare you […]
Buyers How To Prepare for a Bidding War Preparing for a Bidding War in Today’s Market So, how to prepare for a bidding war when making an offer on a new home??  Today’s market can be tough, especially with low inventory.  In Sonoma County we have the, unfortunate, change of events impact the real estate market as well as the work force numbers.  […]
Buyers Home Staging on a Budget, The 5 Golden Rules It is important to take the time to stage your home before putting it on the market, even if its just the 5 Golden Rules. Home staging can be pricey depending on how large your home is and if you need to remove all items from the home. Home staging can be done on a […]
Buyers Remodeling Return on Investment (ROI) Not all Home Improvements are Created Equal This list I agree with, but I would add an updated kitchen and bathrooms really seal the deal.  One thing I recommend is having the work done by a professional, or in a professional manner.  Buyers and their inspectors can see through any fluff.  Don’t put lipstick on […]
Uncategorized Don’t go solo when Buying or Selling a home It may seem that the cost to hire a Real Estate professional is high, but the cost to not is higher.  The amount of disclosures and negotiating skill that goes into executing a contract is lengthy.  There are so many loop holes for a Buyer/Seller to sue you, me, everyone.   Also, the home condition can […]
Uncategorized Popular Decorating Trends….and Not so…. I am surprised by some of the Popular decorating trends,  however I am enjoying some of the new trends for 2019.  I am a little disappointed that one of the trends made the NOT popular list anymore.  I am starting to see a lot of my mother’s styles coming back.  Phew, now I don’t have […]
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