Sonoma County 1st Quarter Market Update

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Home Staging on a Budget, The 5 Golden Rules

It is important to take the time to stage your home before putting it on the market, even if its just the 5 Golden Rules.

Home staging can be pricey depending on how large your home is and if you need to remove all items from the home. Home staging can be done on a budget.   Homes that are occupied by Sellers, are on the market all the time.  Sellers are living in their homes.  Some have kids and pets.  But, a good agent will set the expectation for the Buyer they bring through the home.  But, a good agent will prepare the home to sell. And, if Professional Staging is not in the budget then there are many things you can do to your home to “stage” it with a few dollars or no money at all.  The idea behind this is that you want that buyer to envision living in your home.  However, we don’t want them to see how you “really”live….UNLESS, you are the person who lives like a magazine photo and I know many of you like this and I am jealous!!

Home staging on a budget can be things as easy as De-Cluttering.  This is my #1 rule.  De-clutter closets and book cases.  Remove all the nick-knacks you have collected through the years.  Remove all those awesome family photos & wedding pictures.  Take all items off counters in Kitchen and Bathrooms.  This is a great time to just start packing things away.  For the bathroom, I recommend a cute little basket with all your necessities.  When you leave for showings put that cute basket away.  Same for closet.  Box it up, especially closets packed with clothes.  Pack away what you won’t wear.  Big jackets in the Summer and Shorts and sundresses in the Winter can be packed away.  To be honest, a garage full of nicely organized boxes or storage tubs is not a turnoff for Buyers.  A, it shows you are getting ready to move and B, it can help show the size of the garage space.  This article that RIS Media put out goes over the 5 Golden Rules.  I agree with everyone of them.  You are setting the “tone”for the potential Buyer who may or may not have similar taste, kids, animals, etc.  If they do then you have no worries, but chances are they will not.  So, make that 1st impression on a budget.

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Home Staging on a Budget and the 5 Golden Rules

5 Golden Rules of Home Staging on a Budget

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Travel Scams to Watch For, Be safe my friends!

Travel Scams to Watch For

Here is a great article with a few travel scams to watch for.  Now, some of these may not be the exact example, but the concept is there.  Always be on guard for a  travel scam, even when not traveling.

Common sense is so important when traveling.  We all want to assume everyone is good in the world and unfortunately this is not the case.  Prowlers use our trust & kindness as a weakness.  Avoiding travel scams, when traveling, can save you some heartache, some money and get you back into your country.

Just like in college, always have a buddy.  Be aware of your valuables and keep them close or not on you at all.  Enjoy the friendliness of strangers but do not let your guard down or share personal info like where you are staying,  or any names of family members, phone number, etc.    Never give up your passport to rent a jet ski or boat.  Never, let a stranger to close to you or your belongings- in a blink of an eye you could be pick pocketed.  Therefore, consider making a game plan of how to be defensible without taking away the enjoyment of the trip. And if you travel with a partner you both can be good reminders of staying clear of travel scams.  Remember, the world is full of kind people so don’t let these concerns scare you into traveling, just keep yourself aware of what is happening around you, Common Sense skills go a long way when avoiding scams.  Be prepared, be alert!

Check out the link for some of the more popular Travel Scams happening around the world and ways to avoid them:

Travel Scams to Watch For

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Mandy’s Happenings In Real Estate

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Remodeling Return on Investment (ROI)

Not all Home Improvements are Created Equal

This list I agree with, but I would add an updated kitchen and bathrooms really seal the deal.  One thing I recommend is having the work done by a professional, or in a professional manner.  Buyers and their inspectors can see through any fluff.  Don’t put lipstick on the pig.  Make sure when you remodel or replace/repair that you do not cut corners.  Be prepared when creating your budget that you have a cushion for those unseen problems hiding behind those walls.   And, if you are fortunate enough to not find any issues when remodeling, then you get to use the “cushion fund” for more improvements!  Good “bones” in a home is way more attractive then a janky flip home any day!

If you are not in a position to remodel a home to improve the ROI, then I suggest going through the home and making sure the home is in tip top shape.  Perform maintenance on furnace, clean out dryer vents & gutters, check for leaks under the house, etc.  These are all items that a home inspection report can address.  For a fee of around $450 you can get a report on your home as a guide to help with those repairs.  It is worth it so you know of any active issues that you can take care of or watch to prevent a bigger issue.  When it is time to sell your home you will be prepared to price it with the lack of improvements.  But can be confident the homes “bones” are in tact.  No hidden surprises for you or your pocket book.  

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Don’t go solo when Buying or Selling a home

It may seem that the cost to hire a Real Estate professional is high, but the cost to not is higher.  The amount of disclosures and negotiating skill that goes into executing a contract is lengthy.  There are so many loop holes for a Buyer/Seller to sue you, me, everyone.   Also, the home condition can be overlooked by paint and furniture. So many moving parts to purchasing or selling a home.  Realtors help with the process from start to finish….and sometimes there after.  Realtors help keep the business focused and removed the emotional investment, that a Seller/Buyer cannot.  Hire a professional, always!

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Popular Decorating Trends….and Not so….

I am surprised by some of the Popular decorating trends,  however I am enjoying some of the new trends for 2019.  I am a little disappointed that one of the trends made the NOT popular list anymore.  I am starting to see a lot of my mother’s styles coming back.  Phew, now I don’t have to hid that chair with a cover up. Most importantly- Home owners looking to sell should always check out what’s hot and what’s not.  Small changes can encourage a quick sale.  Check them out here:

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